Saturday, January 5, 2008

My mommy, Yoda

For some reason LB calls every image of Yoda (the withered Jedi Knight in Star Wars) "momma." Without fail he points and yells "momma." I think this can be distinguished from Mommum, which he calls his real mother. But things might be beginning to blur in his mind. I suppose Yoda has a certain maternal look. And it makes sense to see Yoda standing in for Luke's absent mother rather than his father. His father, after all, is very much alive.

BB and I went to the library this afternoon. To attest to his mania, we came away with four very detailed Stars Wars books. These are called "cross-section" books, opening up and exposing the inner workings of buildings, cities, and vehicles. Entire books dedicated to one movie's vehicles, ad nauseum. Although I have already for trains, parrots, and dinosaurs, I am still surprised how I, the reading parent, must sink myself into the minutiae of Star Wars. It's so bad, LB is going to begin thinking that Luke is his real brother.

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