Thursday, January 31, 2008

Married with children

I don't write directly about AO much in this blog. Usually, it's incidental stuff involving the kids. I'll admit, I'm fatally focused on the superficialities of music or robots most of the time. But I have to say. We've been on a particularly good groove lately. There are always ups and downs. And we play the usual grab ass with each other. But there's something about this person, 12 years or so on, that still makes my roots shiver.

The kids might be having a moment of melt down, both screaming in their own key, developing the narcissism that will sustain their lives, and AO and I look at each other, give a small crude bent of the hip or blink of the eye to each other, and we know that something is still intact. I have to say that it's a physical thing that nurtures our relationship. If I had to depend on an intellectual relationship of shared affinities and thoughts, challenges of mind and logic, I'd really be nowhere - with anyone. It's our shared pleasure, our joy in simply confirming the life that we're able to affirm in each other, that really keeps us together. If it has anything to do with an intellectual process, our love is based on a shared aesthetic, which moves from books and movies to sexuality and emotions. Plus, she smells good. Life with kids is particularly hard, but maybe it forces us to find those moments in between our attention to the kids to sharpen our awareness of each other.

In any case, pre-Valentine sentiments notwithstanding, AO is my punk girl, my messy artist, my guide to movement in space and time.

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