Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have a dream

BB told me about listening to MLK's "I have a dream" speech at school yesterday. He said that he listened to it on a "traditional radio." Why don't we have anything traditional, he asked? Well, we do, I said . . .

ANYWAY. He wondered why MLK had been killed. He wanted to know what a minister is (I know, I know, we're raising a secular kid)? How people are leaders without being president? Why was he "historical"? I talked about leadership, civil rights, religion, and why we're opposed to gun ownership and watching violence on TV. It was a satisfying conversation.

AO works early on Tuesday, so I had the kids on my own in the morning. Usually, I get BB up before LB, get him fed, and then get LB up and dressed. Yesterday, BB came in with me to wake up LB (who, by the way, is sleeping soundly in OUR bed). BB woke him up gently and cuddled with him. LB, at eighteen months, is a great cuddler. In any case, this put them both in a very groovy mood. The panic at 8:20 to get to the bus stop on time is always hard (missing gloves, coats in the wrong place, no book in the back pack), but things went as smooth as silk yesterday.

LB continues to sleep in our bed. He wouldn't have it any other way. The other night he wasn't sleepy, so there we were trying to get him settled at midnight or so. He kept saying, "bottom," "bottom," and showing us the soles of his feet. It was hard not to laugh, which kept him awake that much longer. For some reason he's also been saying something like, "bubba (brother) has a mouth." Yep, he does indeed.

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