Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Missed again

Last week BB wasn't feeling so hot, so we skipped the start of this year's indoor soccer class. Later in the week, we discovered that soccer had changed the day it is held, so we could have gone. Yesterday, as we got ready to go to this week's class (cleats, shin guards, etc.) I checked to make sure the time had remained the same. It turns out that soccer was beginning just as we were getting ready. Once again, we missed. I felt like a fool. BB got some extra screen time to compensate.

LB said a complete sentence yesterday, with a subject and verb. "You come to play," he said to another kid's parent. He's been having some happy days at daycare and switching his allegiances. Yesterday, BB got a welcome hug instead of me, and then they both sat down to read for 10 minutes before I coaxed them to leave. LB just loves books right now. BB, on the other hand, builds bigger and bigger contraptions around the house, incorporating all the biggest toys. It's all brought together with tape. We should do a photo series on DIY tape work.

I wrote about 1000 words today, which is much better than I've been doing this week. Boing boing has a post about a sci fi writer who wrote a book in eight weeks. That's 2000 words a day, with some "10,000 word days." OK, so I'm not doing the kind of writing that lends itself to 10,000 word days, but it's gives me hope that I can get my last chapter done in the next eight weeks (and revise my introduction, etc., etc.). I don't think I'm going to get a call back for any jobs at this point, but, honestly, it would be a disaster for my progress to travel somewhere right now.

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