Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just a band

I've come upon a bearded brit hip-hop dude calling himself Scroobius Pip. I know Scroobius Pip as a far out children's book by Edmund Lear and Ogden Nash that is mostly nonsensical, but that amounts to a wonderful vision of fluid identities. The question is whether Scroobius Pip is a bird, mammal, fish, insect, or maybe all of them combined? It's wonderful nonsense verse that I loved reading to BB. Thanks to AO's family, who bought and saved some trippy 70s era children books. It reminds me of Jean Piaget's colorful, surreal children books.

This new Scroobius Pip has a cynical and humorous take on media, music, and consumer culture that expresses the spirit of the original poem.

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