Monday, January 28, 2008

Mixing genres

AO has taken numerous photos of this set up and another involving a temple looking thing. The best part, for me, is the confluence of creatures from many imaginary worlds (or franchises). We've got a winged transformer type creature standing guard, a pokemon up above, and star wars trooper next to that. Other photos show an eagle creeping around the ramparts in full outspread American aggressiveness.

BB took his own lunch today. Because its been so cheap, we've had him getting school lunches. But he's been having trouble with a bully type in the cafeteria, so he brought his lunch to give him a few more options. He won't have to stand in line, for one thing. It seems that he regularly sits with a crew of boys, but this bully (a big but smart boy in his class) decided that BB sits there too much, so late last week he kept getting kicked off the table and had to go sit alone. "Life is cruel," I want to say, "but feel the force young voyager."

Last Friday also turned out to be a stressful ride home. He had a sub driving the bus. In the morning, this substitute driver came and picked them up going the wrong way on the route. You figure, though, what can go wrong? Well . . . after school BB showed up in front of the house on the verge of tears, just about when I mosey on down to the corner. It seems that the older kids from his stop decided to get off about five or six blocks away. In a panic, I'm guessing, he got off too and started hoofing it after them. He knows the way, but its the farthest he's ever been from home without an adult, so even though one of the older kids kept track of him it induced some anxiety. He had a good cry about all these things and then a weekend of set ups began. I hope he's doing OK at school today.

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