Saturday, January 19, 2008

Moldy Peaches

AO and I watched Juno last night. I know some have opined on this movie, taking issue with its cavalier attitude toward pregnancy and its implicit anti-choice stance. But I agree with AO. This is Knocked Up from a woman's perspective. Or at least, our attention is focused on what it's like for a woman to experience an unwanted pregnancy - most of the guy energy we get in the movie is the high-school cross country team running by, in a repeating motif. For the character, it makes sense that she decides to carry to term. I also love how first impressions are knocked down in movie. At first, for example, the yuppie husband seems so cool and groovy, but then he becomes a cad like most men. The wife, Jennifer Garner, is at first an unsympathetic, overly controlled type, but it's clear by the end of the movie that she's doing her best with the position she's in.

The soundtrack is very wise. The movie name drops groups like Sonic Youth and Mott the Hoople, but I swooned when incidental music included The Kinks and Cat Power. The best song is something by the Moldy Peaches, which ends the movie. Anyone Else But You. Here's what I found on YouTube.

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