Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last day of school

BB had his last day of kindergarten today. He's now officially in first grade. He is kind of ho hum and excited at the same time. He's grown so much this past year (we're already moving into size 7 clothes) that he seems surprisingly wise and old at this point. I don't remember being quite so self-possessed in first grade. In any case, camp starts tomorrow, with lots of outside play and a trip to the city pool. But the end of the school year is also bittersweet. His very best friend this year, who came over and smoked us all recently at Lego Star Wars, is leaving. His other two best friends this year have turned out to be a couple of girls, which really makes us feel good. He's got lots of boy energy, but this proves that what we see as his kindness and solicitousness is working for him. These two girls took a real shine to him.

When we picked up LB this evening he was sucking on a stone in his mouth. Daycare folks, I wanted to say, stones aren't good in my kid's mouth. The two teachers were excited about his galloping skills and his sit down on the "potty," however, so I guess their priorities are in the right place. It was raining at pick up time, and the boys claimed the two umbrellas. I threw LB's sweatshirt over my head, which turned out to be quite hilarious. Dad -- always good for a laugh.

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