Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Balloons in the bathroom

The two boys have started to work together to cause trouble. Yesterday morning, while I tried to brush Big Boy's teeth and comb his hair, Little Boy kept running in with a big bunch of balloons. This bunch of balloons is so big that once it was in the bathroom, it enveloped me, obscuring my vision and hindering movement. As usual, the bus is due any minute and I'm trying to get the kids to scurry. LB runs the bunch of balloons in and as I get tangled up in them the boys think it's hilarious. I impatiently push the balloons out of the bathroom. In comes LB with the balloons again. There's stress in my voice as I admonish LB about leaving the balloons outside the door, which makes BB laugh even harder. Get Daddy, he's thinking. I'm not really keeping track of LB as I push the balloons out, but he's giggling hard as he brings them back in again. "Shit!" I yell. Big laughter from my sons. The balloons go into a bedroom and I slam the door shut. Now, where were we?

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