Monday, May 26, 2008

Going well

It's been an excellent three-day weekend so far. AO began Saturday with big ambitions, but we've ended up puttering around the house, doing yard work and modest kid oriented things, like going to the library. We've got a big family and friends event coming up next weekend, which will mean driving four or five hours and staying in a hotel. So I'm glad we've been relaxed. The weather has been great; we bbq'd last night, ate outside; the kids stayed up late. Even better is seeing the dog really bonding with the boys, especially Little Boy. LB likes to tell the dog things, read to him, and generally treat him like a buddy. The new fenced-in backyard has helped. The dog also sleeps in BB's room until we're ready to go to bed, so he helps keep BB company. (Dogs give a little more than cats, in my humble opinion.) It all helps because BB is at a stage where he wants to go to sleep with the door wide open. The last day of kindergarten is tomorrow. We've already signed BB up for the library's summer reading program.

Big breath . . . things are going well today.

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