Friday, May 2, 2008


There is so much to juggle around the house right now that I keep forgetting what I'm doing, creating even more chaos as I run to and fro. The problem is illustrated by Little Boy's activity this morning, as we scurried to get BB out to the bus on time. There we are, trying to get dressed and teeth brushed, and LB is taking ALL of his clothes out of his drawers, scattering them around his room. The dog was also getting into the act, picking through the clothes with tongue and teeth. Another mess to clean up. It would be different if I were in an office at work. There no one, presumably, would be coming in every night to trash the place.

We had a storm come through last night. The thunder was so intense that the house shook at one point, mimicking our recent earthquake. At one point I heard BB yelling out. I went to his room, where he was shivering in fear. He needed to go to the bathroom and wanted someone to help him "feel brave." It was a precious moment.

This morning, just as BB got on the bus, the heavens broke with a downpour. We weren't prepared so LB and I were soaked to our skin, making my morning even more hectic. We stripped down and dried off in the garage, then got dressed again. Another reminder that shit will happen.

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