Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday robot blogging

Zeno bot

"Zeno is coming! He is the smartest and coolest robot yet! He has everything he needs to become your friend; he sees, hears, talks and remembers who you are. He even walks and performs amazing stunts. His face is soft like yours so he can show emotions, just like you – happy, sad, puzzled, and lots more. Operate him by himself and see a few of his antics, or let him link to your computer wirelessly so he can have complete conversations with you! Plus, if you use your computer to help Zeno connect to the internet, he can keep learning and growing smarter. He’ll even help you learn about the world around you."


Kevin Marzahl said...

How happy were you to find this?

Affective Ideologeme said...

In so many ways!

"He has everything he needs to become your friend."