Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy mask

Tired of reality? Frog Design brings you a unique escape from the danger and nastiness of life -- a mask, "an augmented reality device", to filter out the bad.

"In a troubling future, these augmented reality devices would offer a new dimension - a virtual layer that could be used to 're-skin' the troubling outside world. A boundary between the wearer and the world around him, the device would become a sort of visual drug, used to make the world appear a better place – even if just for a moment. The device itself acts as a mask between the user and the outside world, expressing the internality of the human-device interaction. It offers a physical distinction between those moving in the real world and those who are 'plugged in' to their private dimensions, the world as they wish to see it.

"The visual design casts the mask as a lifestyle product of the future, as it plays with a glaring, exaggerated coolness of the wearer. It gives an almost robotic appearance, and suggests a diversion from what we define today as 'normal' physical human interaction." Link.

What's best about this description of the mask is the leading-edge jargon. For example, I just love the sound of "the internality of the human-device interaction." I want me some of those.

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