Saturday, February 2, 2008


The past couple of weekends we've mostly been stuck in the house. BB enjoys it, for the most part. He's been so busy setting up larger and larger scenes throughout the house. But I've been going crazy every weekend. I work at home most of the time, and filling up the house with kids bouncing off the walls makes me want to hit the road. Finally, today, it was a little warmer and we ventured out.

We ended up at one of the state parks. We hiked for a couple of miles through a thick hardwood forest and limestone formations. Today was a transitional day weather wise. We were hit some by the last storm with snow and ice (mostly ice), but today it was melting under a clear, sunny day. Only the biggest creeks were flowing, but the ice on the trail was slushy and offered some traction. I carried LB on my back, and some icy downhill spots were kind of tricky. As I maneuvered down some of the slickest slopes, LB would get very quiet and start breathing hard; he was concentrating on my footsteps. BB completely dug it, however, if you can imagine seeing your six year old jump on to a big, ice-covered piece of limestone with his hands in his pockets.

In honor of our day out in squirrel hunting land, here's a ripping, classic rock clip. It's a cover of MIssissippi Queen by Gov't Mule, who I don't know much about, except they have roots in the Allman Bros. of the late eighties. It's southern rock by guys with long hair who like to smoke weed.

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