Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hacked it

I finally did it, by hitting the right executable to start everything up. With Leopard, Apple's latest OS, my ibook 800 mhz was the only ibook G4 orphaned by the minimum specs, which just doesn't make much sense. When I tried to run the installer it would refuse. I know there have been problems with the same generation of iMacs, but the ibook has a different video card than them. Once I got past the built-in limitations in the installer, the ibook is running great with Leopard. There are absolutely no problems or errors on it, so my intuition was right. This was my first real Unix coding hack, but of course I got everything off of the interwebs like a script kiddy. Not really so fair. But it took installing developer tools and for a day or so the ibook was intert. So I'm proud. Now, what can I do to break and fix another computer? Perhaps I should pull out an old G3 and install some Linux on it.

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