Sunday, April 27, 2008

What we know

We know our new dog does not like going to PetCo, which he graced with an ugly yellow pee.

We know that our new dog likes to go on hikes. He was thrilled to trip on down the trail through the woods, nose to the ground.

We know that the new dog has a redneck meter. We passed two parties of middle-class type people, and he was pleasant and friendly, just as he is around the neighborhood. But we encountered a group in hunter garb (i.e., orange hats, camo pants) carrying fishing poles and the dog completely freaked out. He growled and barked and refused to walk by them. What happened to this dog in the past?

We know that LB can walk about 3/4 of a mile (about half of the hike). He was also thrilled to be tripping on down the trail.

We know that both boys can talk at the same time for the entire hike, BB about the Pokemon nesting grounds around us and LB by repeating what anybody else said. "Cold hands, cold hands, cold hands . . ." "Good dog, good dog, good dog . . ." AO and I can usually carry on a (somewhat stilted) conversation over their heads.

We know that spring is absolutely glorious. The woods are alive with the scent of budding trees.

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