Monday, April 21, 2008

What should we name the new dog?

AO and I thought we had settled on Zander, but BB never really got on board with the name. He woke up this morning, on the day we're supposed to pick him up, saying that Zander wouldn't work for him. "I want to like Zander, but my brain," he tells me, "says no." He was pushing for a Pokemon name, but they're either too cutesy or weird: Shuppet, Mudkip, Smiffy, Dialga, Aipom, Magby, Cherubi. Then he proposed techy and sci fi type names, like Electro, Laser Beam, or Storm Trooper. No, no, no.

BB has a history of idiosyncratic naming. After LB was born and we had chosen a name, BB for the longest time wanted to rename him Chocolate Ice Cream. We said that he could add this as an informal middle name. Indeed, we've been trying to get him to settle for naming the dog's middle name, but he won't be tricked this time. So, before school this morning, we ended up with a couple of Star Wars possibilities: Yoda and Jedi. It's a little dog, so Yoda might work. I like Dante, Hermes, Troy, and Ceasar. The beagle is traditionally English, so maybe Basil, Bertram, Emmet, Godwin, Kent, Ozzy, Sidney, or Toby.

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