Friday, April 25, 2008

Doggy rhythms

Having a new dog is kind of like having another kid. Thank goodness he came to us house trained. I now know more about his bowel movement habits than I know about my own. Other things I know. He likes to lift his right leg when he pees. He doesn't like going in the yard, but if he needs to go bad he'll do it at the beginning of a walk (once we get a fence, he'll have to do it in the yard). He can hold everything in from about 8 p.m. until the next morning.

He has other tics and habits. He likes to sleep on couches and chairs, like a cat. As I write he's asleep on the same couch as one of our cats. He gives me a little head flip look when we start walking again after a pause, an adorable gesture I've seen in other dogs. He can get wound up if you encourage him, but generally he's calm and well-mannered. He's been sleeping at the foot of our bed at night, completely quiet (unlike the cats). He only gets up in the morning after we do. If he's trying hard to hear something he tilts his head to the side just enough to move a big, floppy ear away from his head. He uses his paws to turn things and hold them, and also like a cat he likes to push his paws against you when he's getting pet. He always kneels down or rolls over when I try to put a leash on, a gesture I don't quite understand.

One of our cats (whom he's sleeping by) seems to like having him around. The other cat needs some time.

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