Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dreaming of dirigibles

Dreamt that I was a crew person on an aircraft. In the dream I assumed it was an airplane, but truthfully I was some kind of mechanic on a much bigger ship, possibly a lighter-than-air ship. At one point we were seated inside the craft in side-by-side boats that were equipped with seats. The dream shuttled between home and my job, working overnight flights. AO wasn't at all happy, in the dream, with my job. It took me away from home and the shifts were unpredictable. But, I argued to her, "I love the machines."

For good measure, at the end of the dream as I hurried to a shift, I had to take a shower -- outdoors -- on the edge of a big, Euro-like traffic circle. Humiliation, anxiety, dislocation, misplaced energy -- a classic dream.


Kevin Marzahl said...

Or a classic Pynchon novel.

Affective Ideologeme said...

Dreaming Pynchon, you might say. I'm kind of proud of the dream, actually.