Sunday, June 1, 2008

Big city

It's been fun being in the big city. I love being in such a diverse place. Even with all the noise and concrete the mix of races and cultures makes the city seem more humane in a way. The kids have had a hard time. Nap times and meals haven't been routine enough, and they spent two evenings with a babysitter. But we've made it work so far. It hasn't hurt that the weather is absolutely gorgeous.

Big boy, especially, has held himself together. Our extended family keeps remarking on how mellow he's gotten the past year. He really seems mature on this trip, like you could pretty much take him anywhere or do anything with him. Little boy, however, has had his cousin to deal with, a fellow two-year-old who feels equally entitled. We've had some major tamtrums from him, which we've weathered without too much trauma. The real challenge is being tired oneself and needing to run after a careening toddler in a public park. We've all been drinking lots of coffee. We head for home tomorrow.

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