Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good jobs?

I have a couple of interviews for academic jobs in the next two weeks. It's good news. I know many people who didn't get anything their first time on the job market. It's also supposed to be harder before the dissertation is defended. One problem is that the places, while probably good jobs, are from the perspective of my wife in difficult areas to live. Either they are too expensive for a family or too remote. I need a job, but we'll have to think long and hard about moving. At least I know now that I can get an interview.

I did send off a revised essay to an editor today. Two years ago the plan was to get one of my chapters into a reputable journal, and I'm happy to say that the day is almost here.

AO is busy with christmas. People joke about how early the christmas season starts and about how hard it is to get shopping done, but these complaints never made much sense to me. I could usually get all my shopping done in a day. But there are more and more people to shop for, potlucks to cook for, and parties to attend. AO loves it. I guess the benefit for me is that I like to go shopping with her.

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