Sunday, September 25, 2011

Police Riot

The New York Times coverage of the Occupy Wallstreet protests is explicitly dismissive and belittling.  The comments there tell a different story.
"I saw what happened today on 12th Street between University and Fifth Ave. It was a Police Riot. It was traumatic and horrific the way the Police treated American citizens. It was a crime. 
I witnessed what a police state is like today. I will never look at law enforcement the same way again. I saw NYPD act like common thugs. I saw them beat people; I saw them mace young girls who were standing against a wall doing nothing that could be described as threatening. It is emotional disturbing that this could occur in the US, much less New York City. It was personally traumatic to watch this type of Police state tactics carried out by a large metropolitan police force that is ethnically and gender deserve. 
Today, NYC looked like Selma, Alabama of the 1960's."

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