Saturday, October 3, 2009

From my new favorite blog, mimi smartypants:


I worked from home one day this week and got to witness a girl-child throwing a major fit in Target. It was EPIC. And the mom was CHILLLLLL. Seriously, I didn’t even need to feel sympathy because she was just totally going about her Target business, with her other kid (a toddler) in the cart’s basket, while the shrieking kid shrieked so loud you could hear her all over the store, and then (later) in the parking garage, and I could even hear her as they drove out behind me, with my car windows rolled up and my music on. Awesome Target Mom, you are a Zen master, or you have the good meds, or maybe this happens a lot and you are just used to it. Regardless, I salute you.

Yes, indeed. We've had many of these moments with LB. The worst part is that everyone has to look, but we've certainly been given the opportunity to work at our chill skillz.

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