Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Literal shit

Shit has become the theme of the last day or so. Yesterday morning, I replaced the wax ring in the toilet outlet on the floor. (Lift toilet off, replace ring, etc.) The toilet has been seeping and creating a sewery, mildew ordor. I gagged for a few moments while scraping some compacted shit out of the outlet.

In the course of a hard night, during which Little Boy refused to sleep, at some point I stepped in some shit on the bathroom rug. I think it was a shit vomit (it's hard to tell when you've stepped in it) by the dog, who likes to eat cat shit outside and his own.

So this morning, even though everything outside was soggy from an inch or so of rain, I went out to clean up whatever shit might be in the yard. Soaked, soft shit, and lots of it. Experienced some bag malfunctions and ended up with shit on my hands. Note to self: try to clean up after the dog more frequently.

And then there's the shit smell in LB's room, and the rank ammonia order of the diaper pail. And my own colitis enemas and suppositories.

I guess I should just embrace the shit, from wherever it might come.

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