Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top 50 drug trips in movies

Den of Geek has collected them. I'm generally opposed to chemically induced states, but it's undeniable that I've seen most of these movies. What strikes me after looking at the list is how serious and literal movies from the sixties and seventies portray the trip, with laughably over the top special effects. Things have changed some. Bobby, the sixties homage from a couple of years ago, is part of a trend, I think, to treat the trip (more like the stoner movie, I guess) with more humor. Den of Geek has the clip up. It can still be terrifying, but its more transitory. A recent Entourage episode located at California's Joshua Tree is particularly funny. Their foreshortened haze coincides almost too perfectly with the narcissism of the entourage. And for the record, I've been to Joshua Tree - to camp.

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