Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dirty Driving

We watched an HBO documentary last night called "Dirty Driving." It's a film about the culture of short-track racing in Anderson, Indiana. Anderson is a dying GM town, and the racing is crude, rude, and exciting. The back story for us is that AO, when she was working for the cable company, had always heard about the Anderson "party girls." She assumed it was an upper-middle class suburb, and the party girls spoiled sales executives. Nope. Anderson is rust belt. I'm sure they were -- to borrow a term my parents used -- "hard girls."

AO turned to me at some point and asked if it looked fun to me. The driving looked really fun, but the play yard trash talk ("you're my bitch, you pussy") and celebration of the confederacy are kind of beyond what I'm capable of. What was really odd were some flashback photos to the 70's featuring an HBO-sponsored car.

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Anonymous said...

Sammy Hawkins is the man...
This should be a series. The best television I have seen in years.

Wild Willy