Friday, July 4, 2008

Netflix fraud

Netflix is charging me for a full month without sending even one movie to me.

Years ago I was a long time Netflix user, until they started using pop-up under-ads everywhere I surfed on the net. Back then it was also clear that they were throttling us, holding our returns for days at a time so our monthly totals were only about four or five movies. We gave up.

But there is one hard-to-find, old CBC series called The Newsroom, which is supposed to be a cross between The Wire and The Office. I couldn't find it anywhere and decided to give Netflix another try. They showed the series as available. Once I signed up they told me that they'd be sending my first discs the next day. The next day comes, and the queue says instead that they won't be doing a first shipment for FIVE more days. Meanwhile, I was able to find another source for The Newsroom.

Given the circumstances I decided to cancel the whole thing, since waiting a week for the first shipment seems like really bad service. And what does Netflix assure me? They'll still be charging for a month's worth of service, even though they didn't send me even ONE disc.

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